Technology Resources

Welcome to the Technology Resource Page!  On this page you will find all the Technology Resources we use at Featherstone with our students.  We use Technology for a variety of things.  We use Technology to learn new skills, practice, and reinforce skills that have
been taught in the classroom.





Ipad Educational Resources

Name   Grade Level Content/Subject Area
Paint and Learn   K-2 Art, Language Arts and Math
Letter School   K-2 Art, Language Arts and Math
Things that go together   K-2 Language Arts
Math Bingo   K-5 Math
Math Puppy   K-5 Math
Alphabet Zoo   K-1 Language Arts
Starfall   K-2 Language Arts
Ugly Duckling   3-5 Language Arts
The Emperor's New Clothes   3-5 Language Arts
Webster Dictionary   3-5 Language Arts
Word Bingo   3-5 Language Arts
US States   3-5 Language Arts
Sight Words Pro   K-5 Language Arts
ABC Phonics   K-2 Language Arts
Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss   K-2 Language Arts
123 Fun   K-2 Math
Glow Draw   K-5 Art
Potter HD   K-5 Art
Sketchbook Pro   K-5 Art
Google Earth   K-5 Science
Brainpop   3-5 LA/Math/Science/SS
I-nigma   K-5 Resource
Whiteboard   K-5 Resource
Color Effects   K-5 Art
Wooden Doll   K-5 Art
Brushes   K-5 Art
Sketchbook   K-5 Art
Paint and Learn   K-5 Art
Pic Stitch   K-5 Art
ipastels   K-5 Art
Continents   3-5 Social Studies
Little Writer   K-2 Writing
Lily   K-2 Books
Egg Zoo   K-2 Phonics
Word Bingo   K-2 Phonics
Age of Germs   3-5 Science
Oceans Lite   3-5 Science
Crazy Formula   3-5 Science
Popplet   K-5 Graphic Organizer
Pixie   K-5 Digital Organizer
PBS Kids   K-5 Reading
Futaba   K-2 Reading
Rhymie Stymie   K-2 Reading
Sentence 1   K-2 Reading
Sight Words   K-2 Reading
Rhyming Bee   K-2 Reading
7 Words   K-2 Reading
Word Mix   K-2 Reading
Sight PK   K-2 Reading
Grasshopper   K-2 Math
My Math App   K-5 Math
King of Math   K-5 Math
Number Fun   K-2 Math
Factor Samurai   3-5 Math
Grade 4 Math   3-5 Math
Grade 1 Math   K-2 Math
Fastfacts X   3-5 Math
Grade 3 Math   3-5 Math
Grade 2 Math   K-2 Math
Fraction Basic   3-5 Math
Math Drills   K-5 Math
Grade 5 Math   3-5 Math
Hungry Fish   K-2 Math