In the past, schools would have 2-hour delayed openings if weather made a regular opening less than ideal. Now, instead of a 2-hour delay, we are doing virtual days. During a virtual day, all teachers will host a virtual teacher "Office Hour" from 9:30am-10:30am. Zoom information will be found on your student's homeroom page in Canvas. There are two ways to get to that link. First, students can sign into Canvas and in their courses select their homeroom. The other way is on the Teacher's classroom page.  There should be a canvas button that will link you to their teacher's homeroom page. If you click on the "Code Orange Button" it will take you to that teacher's Code Orange page where you will find a zoom link/log in info for Office Hours and activities and links for Asynchronous work. Enjoy your Code Orange Day and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!