There are lots of different ways to create art at home, here are a few ways to get started!

Ms. Brady's YouTube Channel!
Below is the link to my YouTube channel. New projects are uploaded a few times a week, and every project uses supplies that you might have at home. Check back often to find new projects to create!

Others way to Create at Home are: 

1. Art for Kids Hub- step by step drawing videos for all levels!

2. Friends Art Lab- great projects and process art actives for artists of all ages, even younger friends and siblings can join in!

3. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems- the author of 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus' and 'Elephant and Piggie' invites you to draw along and create with him!

4. NGAkids App- the National Gallery of Art created an app for kids containing 8 different activities inspired by pieces of art, plus a sketch book section for kids to create their own artwork!

5. Keith Haring Kids- digital coloring pages inspired by the artist Keith Haring!

6. Artsology- 80 different art games, plus videos about different artists!

7.Bomomo- create digital art!

8. Art History for kids- Learn about famous artists and art from ancient cultures!

9. Drawing Prompts- Just like the drawing ideas we use in the classroom, here are some drawing ideas to get your creative energy flowing!
You could create.......your dream vacation, design a castle to live in, whats underwater in the ocean, if dinosaurs sold ice cream, what's hiding under the couch, if the moon was made of cheese, where's the other sock?, yourself as a french artist, your dream shoe, a found treasure box, your dream house, a treasure map, a superhero, a robot that could do all your chores, a fish tank, a sweet thinking cap, your dream pet, combine two of your favorite animals, your teacher as a monster, your family as aliens, your dream backyard, your favorite place, something that smells (could be good or bad), a new invention, if you could fly, yourself with crazy hair, a snow day, if you could breathe underwater, and lots more!