Jacqueline Payne/ Room 108


Email Address   PayneJM@pwcs.edu

Please email paynejm@pwcs.edu at any time, or call the school from 8:45 to 3:45


This page was last updated on 3/18/2020

The instructional calendar has been changed and the 3rd grading period will now end on April 14th. Any additional changes to the instructional calendar will be posted here and on the PWCS.edu web page.

Activities have been posted in the files and documents for you to use to practice things we have already learned at school. Check them out at your convenience.

School is closed, but you can keep your child's skills sharp by using IXL.com and kidsA-Z.com. Information will be sent through the Remind app as well as posted here.


Weekly Units of Study
Math: Addition, Subtraction, One More:One Less, Reading the Calendar
Social Studies/Science: Natural Resources and Animals