Optional Activities for Mrs. Wilkins’

Third Grade Class

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Hello, Featherstone Falcon family!  Here are today’s optional learning activities.  Please contact me on Class Dojo or email me at wilkinar@pwcs.edu if you need helping logging in or have any questions.  Have fun learning!


Mrs. Wilkins



Problem of the Day: You can solve this on a piece of paper or in a notebook.


One page of the Math packet that was sent home on Thursday, March 12




Click on IXL.

Username: Student Number (Lunch Number).

Password: student1

  • IXL Z9 Add and Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators
  • IXL D7 Subtract Numbers with Four or More Digits



Origo At Home Learning

Scroll down.

Click on United States.

Click on Grade 3.

Click on the Week tab at the bottom of the page.

Choose which daily activity you want to do.



Xtra Math

Click on Sign In on the gray bar on the top right corner.

Click the green Students tab.

In the Email section, type wilkinar@pwcs.edu.

First Name: Type your whole first name with a capital letter and just the first initial of your last name with a capital letter.

PIN: Type your 4-digit pin.






Read chapter 18 of The Toothpaste Millionaire.



Day Nine activities on the Scholastic website.

Scroll down and click Grades 3-5.

Complete the activities for that day.



Read books for fun!



Write original stories, poems, letters, comics, or other types of writing on paper or in a notebook.



RAZ Kids

Click on RAZ Kids.

Type awilkins30 for the teacher ID.

Click on your name.

Password: Student Number







Brain Pop

Click Log In at the top right corner.

Username: Featherstone (capital F)

Password: Falcon (capital F)

  • Go to the Top Left Corner where it says Brain Pop Jr.Click there and choose Brain Pop instead of Brain Pop Jr.Click on Science.Click on Diversity of Life.Click on Fungi.



Our Roaming Hearts website

This website has links to live broadcasts of animals at different zoos around the world!






Read pages 119 of the Our World textbook. Talk with a friend or family member about what you read. Write questions, a story, or a poem about what you learned.