Welcome to First Grade

Miss La Rue  Room 106


Please email at any time, or call the school from 8:45 to 3:45


This page was last updated on 06/08/2020

This Month: 
Changes to this weeks Zoom schedule:
Monday- regular small groups
Tuesday- whole group at 10:30 on the encore number
Wednesday- no meetings pick up your personal things from the school
Thursday- No meetings
Friday- whole group meeting at 10:30 on the encore number

Each week an instructional calendar and activities will be posted in files and documents.

Our Zoom schedule is as follows:
Small Groups:

10:30-11:15 JD, MM, AH, DR, KF, YV, FW
11:15-12:00 JB, HH, SM, BM, KW
12:00-12:45 BC, GC, CG, GM, CM
Whole group:
Please sign into class on time.

New work had been posted in the files and documents.  Please check the folder for this week.

The governor has closed buildings to students. Please read your emails and check this page as well as PWCS.edu for additional information on how instruction will be provided to students for the remainder of the school year.

More activities have been posted in the files and documents for you to use to practice things we have already learned at school. Check them out at your convenience.

School is closed, but you can keep your child's skills sharp by using IXL.com and kidsA-Z.com. Information will be sent through the Remind app as well as posted here. If for some reason you have not signed up for Remind, I sent you a new invitation. Please accept it. I sent games that can be printed and played at home for practice as well. They will be added to the files on this page and on the Remind app

Students can also study their sight words. Copies of the sight word lists were sent home on Thursday, March 12. Just incase they have been misplaced the master file has been uploaded to the files on this page.

Units of study
Language Arts
Math: Addition, one more:one less, subtraction, fact families, reading a calendar
Social Studies: Geography and VA History
Science: Natural Resources and Animals

Website Links for Students can be found in the useful links section.


Check the files and documents for other helpful information<>

9:00-10:39 Math
10:39-11:09 Lunch
11:09-12:45 Language Arts
12:45-1:30 Encore*
1:30-2:15 Language Arts
2:15-2:30 Recess
2:30-3:15 Science/Social Studies
3:15-3:45 Core Extension
3:45-3:55 Dismissal
* Day 1 Library, Day 2 PE, Day 3 Library, Day 4 Music, Day 5 PE Day 6 Art

Upcoming Events
At this time all events have been cancelled county wide. We will let you know when this changes.