Math Activities and Happenings!

Planning Calendar
Curriculum Framework

First Grade
Planning Calendar
Curriculum Framework

Second Grade
Planning Calendar
Curriculum Framework

Third Grade
Planning Calendar
Curriculum Framework

Fourth Grade
Planning Calendar
Curriculum Framework

Fifth Grade
Planning Calendar
Curriculum Framework

Web-based instruction
Origo At Home-
Origo is our new textbook that we have begun using this school year.  Origo has generously put this new resource out to be available to parents during the COVID-19 closures. When you click the link, choose United States, grade level, and week. You will then see the plan for each day of the week. It is not a full math block lesson, however, it will help keep your child thinking and using their math skills. All of this can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including smartphones. 
You may use this video as a tutorial to see how to access it. 

DreamBox (K-5)

LearnZillion (1-5)-
Below are  links to specific videos that may be of some help to students. 

Count by 5s
Counting by 10s
Counting money by 5s and 10s

Adding two-digit numbers with base ten blocks
Explaining addition using place value
Subtracting two-digit numbers with base ten blocks
Explaining subtraction using place value

Adding three-digit numbers using expanded form
Two- digit by one- digit multiplication
Plot unit fractions on a number line
Dividing a number line into equal parts
Identifying fractions as a point on a number line
Plot fractions greater than one on a number line
Add fractions by joining parts

Three-digit by one-digit multiplication using an area model
Two-digit by two-digit multiplication using an area model
Dividing two-digit numbers using friendly numbers
Equivalent fractions using fraction strips
Adding mixed numbers by creating equivalent fractions

Order of Operations
Make an equation true by placing parenthesis correctly
Represent a real world situation as a numerical expression
Find the rule for an input/output table
Determine fair shares using mean
Mean, median, mode
Using fraction strips to multiply a fraction and a whole number
Multiplying a fraction by a whole number using models
Fraction and decimal equivalents using models

Family games and activities 
Investigations interactive games-
This site will allow you to play all of the games from K-5. (Available in English and Spanish)

US Department of Education

Mathematics in the Home activities (PreK- 5th)  (Available in English and Spanish)

Math Coach's Corner
Games to Play with a Deck of Cards (3rd- 5th)
Games to Play with a Pair of Dice (1st- 5th)

Bedtime Math
Bedtime Math-
 Daily high- interest nonfiction stories with leveled math questions, sign up to get an email or download their app! (Available in English and Spanish)
Cabin Fever Math- T
his is a new section the website that was created especially for our school closures happening across the country.

Greg Tang Math
Try these engaging online math games!

VDOE SOL Released Math Test Items
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Additional Resources